Marisa Anderson

“Marisa's visions have positively impacted my life as well as the lives of my friends and my family.”
- Chuck Benfer

“Marisa Anderson is
one of the most authentic,
naturally gifted psychics
I have worked with.”
- Professor Hans Holzer, PhD.

“I receive my information
through psychic impressions
which includes visual sights,
smells, sounds and names...
key to data important in
homicides and other
intelligence areas. As an
empath, I identify pain or
relevant sensory information
that is utilized for the
specific case. In summary,
everything I get is somehow
an important fit to the jigsaw
puzzle of the case, no
matter how miniscule.”

- Marisa Anderson

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Intuitive Consultant

Marisa Anderson assists corporations, law enforcement and individuals throughout the world. Anyone seeking her assistance can simply contact her to schedule a session. Most often, sessions are conducted over the phone. Marisa will listen carefully to the client and begin to share information that she can see in relation to their concerns.

Criminal Investigation
Marisa works closely with a wide array of law enforcement agencies to help solve outstanding crimes and cold cases. For example, when assisting a police investigation, Marisa often makes contact via a cell phone with clients who are driving a car while looking for clues to solve a crime. By seeing the exact streets and landmarks that the car will pass in her mind, Marisa is able to give clients detailed directions that will lead them to solve the investigation - such as the location of a missing person.

Individual Consulting
When working with individuals, Marisa shares insights that will help answer any questions that they might have - ranging from wellness to major purchases. In one instance, Marisa was able to help a client who was on the verge of purchasing a new home. Marisa could see that there was a quartz cavern with a stream running beneath the home - a fact that would be critical in the client's decision-making process. A detailed engineering report later corroborated this fact. Marisa also helps individual clients who have concerns about their pets, or those who are seeking a lost animal. She consults on relationships, detects health issues and offers information that will help people make decisions. Above all, she offers her clients the opportunity to solve existing concerns and reach a state of contentment.

Corporate Sessions
Businesses and entrepreneurs have come to rely on Marisa's ability to sense dramatic activities in their fields. Their decision-making processes are supported by the information she is able to share. Her predictions, or visionary probes, can assist in a wide range of scenarios, including futures analysis, patents, financial directions, systems or even new policy. Companies such as IBM and many Wall Street firms have benefited from their work with Marisa.

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