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Marisa Anderson

“Marisa's visions have positively impacted my life as well as the lives of my friends and my family.”
- Chuck Benfer

“Marisa Anderson is
one of the most authentic,
naturally gifted psychics
I have worked with.”
- Professor Hans Holzer, PhD.

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Christopher M. DeSalvo

Marisa Anderson has a gift the likes of which I have never encountered before in the natural world, and I have seen a lot in my lifetime. My first experience with Marisa was very telling. It was between fifteen and twenty years ago. I was always something of a skeptic, preferring to scientifically verify anything before accepting it as truth. At the time I was in my early twenties and was extremely curious about the supernatural, psychic phenomena, etc. One of my many experiments was to do as much research as I could to find genuine psychics, and to engage their gifts as much as possible. In the course of my searches I laughed when I realized I was apparently not the only one to do something like this. I found a book that had listed some fifty or so psychics nationally that were allegedly the real deal, and very gifted. I was able to engage the services of three of the most well reputed psychics in the book. If I remember correctly, Marisa was the only person the author had granted a "five star" rating.

When I consulted these three psychics I went into the experience determined to reveal as little of myself as possible. I told Marisa almost nothing at all. She really only knew my name, and I refused to say anything that would amount to a hint about myself. With nothing to go on, Marisa proceeded to rock my proverbial world. She was dead on about a number of things. At the time I had no thoughts of going into medicine at all. I thought to myself that the notion was just silly, but Marisa seemed really sincere in her vision of me doing that so I decided to just respect her process . I had actually specifically left a pre-med program and was so disappointed with it that it would be safe to say I had an active aversion to the idea. Several years later I would learn that it was possible to study acupuncture in the United States, which I had never known was even an option, and I went into medicine. One point for Marisa! She also told me my father had a serious heart condition which he could help prevent becoming seriously complicated if he took steps to do so, and that he had even had a surgical procedure done to his heart when he was a child. I told Marisa that she was right about his heart, but he had never had a surgical procedure related to his heart when he was a kid. I would have known. She insisted that he did have one. We had a very polite "yes he did", "no he didn't" pseudo-argument that volleyed back and forth three or so times before we both cordially moved on to our next subject. I later found out that Marisa was right and I was wrong. Not only was she correct, but she had the tenacity to argue with me about it. The implications of her confidence in disagreeing with me about the medical history of my own father, combined with the fact that she knew more about him than I did, pretty much put it over the top for me. Another point for Marisa. There were more stories to follow in that session alone, but let me fast forward a bit.

Recently I have spent a lot of time with a friend that had a serious tragedy in her life. There was a death involved, it was alleged to be a suicide, but my friend never believed it. The answers to my friend's questions were not attainable for a number of vexing reasons. I found that I was repeatedly thinking of Marisa. I arranged for her to have a consultation with Marisa in the hopes that Marisa might be able to provide my dear friend with some closure and hopefully some peace. Marisa was wonderful. I did not know the deceased personally, but my friend insisted that she knew an amazing amount of detail that would not have been possible to accurately guess. I would like to point out that even in rare moments when Marisa has expressed some doubts in what she is conveying, she was still uncannily accurate. At one point she had told my friend that the father of the deceased was either ex-military or a police officer himself, but that she couldn't tell which. This is the first Marisa will hear of this but he was in fact both ex-military and a police officer. By the end of it, it was something like a miracle to see a painful and dark burden lifted from my someone very dear to me, and the only way I can describe the feeling is "divinely humbled."

So I chose to consult Marisa again myself. Unfortunately almost every matter in that conversation consisted of very private topics. So I'm not going to tell all, but I can tell you that she amazed me yet again. I would say that Marisa is one in a million, but I'm not sure if that would adequately convey how special I think she is. in terms of psychic phenomena, the paranormal, or whatever you choose to call it, Marisa is the real deal. For the spiritually inclined I would say that even more than being the real deal, on a spiritual level Marisa is a true champion of the light. For the more pragmatically inclined I would say that even more than being the real deal, Marisa has a humanity, grace, and stoic fortitude worthy of deep respect and admiration. So I guess by now it's safe to say that I highly recommend her, just in case anybody didn't get that.

Kathy H., Olympia, Washington

It is an absolute pleasure to write this client testimonial for you. I could tell you how much I appreciate your gift and how the knowledge and information you have given me has helped me through some very challenging times, but I think you already know that ;) Thank you so much. And I enjoyed reading the articles by Alexandra Holzer (which is uber cool because I read many of her father's books).

If I were to say that Marrisa’s psychic abilities were amazing, it would be the understatement of the year. Mind-blowing and shockingly accurate, her consultations have always been so right on that I have found myself laughing in disbelief at the reality of a human being knowing what Marissa knows. But she knows. She sees and she hears.

Over the past 10 years, I have consulted Marissa on several occasions and I can honestly say that she has been “spot on” every time. Every time (really). What is amazing to me, is that she sees the details of situations, people’s personalities and situations. My last telephone conversation was particularly amazing as she said, “Did you want to make contact with someone who has just passed away? I have Theresa coming through.” Theresa was my step mother who passed away in May, and I loved her dearly. Marissa once again, had my attention. She proceeded to talk about my daughter’s health and although her general health was fine, she was having issues with stones in her lower abdomen. My daughter had surgery 4 days prior to remove her appendix that had a stone in it. Really, how could anyone know that?! She quickly moved onto my husband and described to a “t” his personality traits, childhood issues and our current situation. She gave me the insight that I needed to understand a critical question and problem. My 40 minute consultation did not disappoint. Her answers are not vague or generalized; she is definitely in - tune with the other side. Marissa will tell you what she “sees” and “hears” but with compassion and gentleness. I could write several pages on everything that she has told me, but I think that what people want to know is that she is truly a gifted psychic with incredible gifts.

Katrina Wright, Owner of Aussie Paws LLC, Valhalla, NY

“I have referred all my customers to you for the last two years that have lost their dogs, so far it’s been 100% that got their dogs back the next day from speaking to you.


Nora Scott Kehoe, Teacher, Animal lover, Loving Wife and Mother.

“Several years ago our home was experiencing odd events, which peaked when a shadow figure emerged from our family room wall. Both my husband and I saw this shadow object approach us as we were watching television, and spent at least 15 minutes moving about the room. We contacted Marisa who did a house cleansing, removing several entities.

Since that initial contact with Marisa, she has helped us with several of our rescued animals focusing on them remaining on the farm. The rescued horses we own, came down with a flu going around to the stables and were sick, but one horse, old “Travee”, already had other severe issues so she started to decline rapidly, showing signs she was dying. The vets gave up on her, I contacted Marisa, as I could visibly see Travee’s decline, and didn’t believe that ANYONE could help. But when Marisa came to help, she worked with the horse immediately even before I got there, and I could see the horse got better, really almost immediately! That day she got up and she has been thriving since!

the horses came down with a flu going around to the stables and were sick, one old horse with other issues started showing signs it was dying ..the vets gave up on it, but with when Marisa came to help, the horse got better immediately and has been thriving since! The dogs we have are huge, and were out of control in different ways, one traveling away from the house disappearing, the others doing their duty inside. Marisa "spoke with them" and they immediately began to conduct themselves differently, as though they understood the messages given, they had changed overnight!

We recommended her to several friends who needed closure with recent family deaths, all their expectations were met.

Marisa has acted in a professional manner, with complete compassion and understanding of each situation presented to her. She is truly gifted with treating not only paranormal events, but other problem situations of all kinds.

Thank you Marisa!”

Lisa Powers, Human Services field retiree, devoted Wife and Mother, Humanitarian, Writer.

“It has been a kind of eerie day after reading about your experiences in my old notes taken of the session years ago, and how so many things that you wrote seemed to parallel and validate experiences that I have had that would, and have been labeled as impossible. I've met with such closed-mindedness [out there].

September 26, 2012
In the early summer of 1994 I was fortunate enough to meet a woman with an extraordinary gift. I was skeptical at first of her abilities but was at a crossroads in my life and thought, “ what do I have to lose, it might be fun.” Well it turned out to be one of the best, most enlightening encounters that I have ever had and after almost 18 yrs. I was lucky enough to re-connect with her even though I was not sure of her name and whereabouts. Ironically, we now live very near and I just recently found the papers that I took notes on after our meeting. I thought of Marisa many times over the years as her predictions and insights came to fruition and I would like to share two such stories of her unique gift.

the horses came down with a flu going around to the stables and were sick, one old horse with other issues started showing signs it was dying ..the vets gave up on it, but with when Marisa came to help, the horse got better immediately and has been thriving since! The dogs we have are huge, and were out of control in different ways, one traveling away from the house disappearing, the others doing their duty inside. Marisa "spoke with them" and they immediately began to conduct themselves differently, as though they understood the messages given, they had changed overnight!

A nurse that I was working with at the time had a daughter that was very ill and having difficulties continuing her education as a nurse due to debilitating tiredness and aching bones and joints. When she met with Marisa she was able to educate her on a new, and at the time unknown disease, and directed her to go see a doctor that was familiar with Lyme’s disease. It turned out that she was extremely positive for Lyme’s disease and after much needed treatment she became a new person that was now happy and healthy again and able go on to achieve her goals. Also during out session, she informed me that I was pregnant with a blonde, blue-eyed baby boy that was very long. I was sure she was wrong especially since I have dark hair and brown eyes as did my boyfriend at the time, with no plans to start a family. Well, to my astonishment eight and a half months later I had a beautiful blonde baby boy with vibrant blue eyes that is now almost 18 and is well over 6ft tall. Marisa had names correct, family members, a mechanical problem with my car, and so much more that in turn comforted me over the years regarding the unknown and an existence beyond this earthly realm. In my eyes she is a treasure trove of knowledge and insights that I am sure have helped others throughout their lives and I for one am grateful to have her in my life again for the next step of my journey. Thank you Marisa for all of your contributions that I’m sure has helped so many! My sincerest gratitude.””


“I decided to call Marisa this week to not only book another session but with recent events, I wanted to remind her of a prediction she made. The recent earthquake made me concerned about the well being of my family still living in China. Since my call to Marisa, I have heard from my Aunt that all are well and they are on their way to stay with her in another province unaffected. I live in California, but I am still very connected with my heritage and family. It was over a year ago when I last spoke with Marisa. I updated her immediately upon hearing the news, that the circumstances she predicted had in fact occurred. A year ago I recall I was not surprised when she indicated their would be bad air and flights might be delayed as major pollution that sometime stagnates over the city. Last time before I planned to go, I phoned in a session. Marisa told me that the weather would not be great, but at least I would be safe, making my trip there and back home. She added, but within a year the air would be worse, their might be some "debris" left in the air from a volcanic eruption that would occur somewhere west of my family and Europe and might affect flights even in China. She scared me when she said that their might also be accompanying earthquake activity in China close to the Tibetan Mountains area during the same time period. I remember her saying that there would be an earth push pull of gravitational forces in affect. I have since understood by doing some research that in fact that the explanation of these forces is the coming lineup of the planets, all coming into alignment where the sun will be center point in 2012.

Of course the news as of today April 16th states this dangerous ash coming from Icelands volcano still continues, much of Europe has canceled flights and might continue for days. I heard a radio show a while back, think it was Coast to Coast, where she predicted a couple of eruptions of Mt. St. Helens and other global events and assassinations like that of Bhuto accurately all on radio.

I will continue to touch base with Marisa as I find that she has sight and vision way beyond any psychics I have heard of. I think it is worth paying anything for such important information ahead of time.

Thank you Marisa for your time, your gifts and your kindness.”


“Thank you for the info. Did anyone ever tell you how great you are or how much they appreciated your help? 'My God, it is unbelievable' When I called you on Thursday (January) the 14th, I gave you the names of my relatives missing in Haiti : Kathiana, Diana, Berthline and her mother Italienne. You told me that Kathiana and Diana are ok but Kathiana has an injured foot probably from walking too much and also little confused and living in a public park. Diana is ok in her neighborhood. Berthline has still a little life, but you do not see any life or heart beat for her mother. The same night Kathiana and Diana called to confirm your words exactly as you told me. A survivor stated that Berthline's dad and friends tried to rescue her that Thursday morning but it was too late. Few days later, when we met again you told me: 'Marie you're not eating, watch your sugar level'. You did not know that I was borderline diabetic; you were right, my blood sugar levels were out of range. Your little 'therapy session' that day made a big difference in my life. Now I feel much better and ready to face life's challenges. Marisa, 'you are the Best'

Thanks for all your help.”

Alexandra Holzer, Author

“At a time when one loses their way, they often turn towards a medium to help guide them back. More often times then less, people misunderstand the purpose of a reading, healing session or guidance through this way. As there are bad cars out there, there can also be people who aren't as clairvoyant. Marisa Anderson is the Mercedes Benz of the field in mediumship and beyond. Her ability to see through one's soul and pull apart the on-goings of what makes one tick is short of a miracle in my opinion. Not only does she help the living but also the dead with animals in-between. Her skills and pure heart make for a very gifted soul that when one comes across is truly touched forever. I love her as she is like family and highly recommend her to anyone who seeks out help.”

Dr. Hans Holzer, paranormal investigator and prolific author:

“Marisa Anderson is more accurate on telephone readings than in person.
She has foreseen airplane crashes and was able to warn clients not to take
a certain flight, which saved their lives. She pinpointed the exact day that I would receive an offer regarding a film project, and she was right on target.

A client who was looking to buy a used car was told not to worry, someone she already knew would soon offer her a car, which the psychic [Marisa Anderson] described in detail. Two weeks later she was offered just such a car by the mother of a friend.”

Holly Fernando, MD

“The best forecaster for life.”

P.V., Captain Homicide Department

“She is the best psychic for homicide work, she's earned her right to say 'she knows,' with her credentials with police, the incredible details blew the detectives' socks off, and the case went to prosecution from a cold file.”

Chuck Benfer, Market Manager, Cumulus Media, Poughkeepsie, NY - 03/31/2009

To Whom it May Concern:
Please allow me a moment to introduce you to and relay the unbelievable experiences I have had with Marisa Anderson.

I first met Marisa at the radio station where I work. We have a number of stations broadcasting from this single location and Marisa was regularly a guest of the morning shows. I always enjoyed the segments and the listener lines lit up. While I was always amazed by her abilities and gift I wasn't necessarily a believer. One day I met Marisa in the hallway of the radio station and our company was just taken over by a larger corporation. I asked her, half kiddingly, "hey, can you tell me if I'm going to still have a job here?" Marisa looked at me, she laughed and said not only would I still have a job but that I was going to be at the top of the company. Today I am running the business and have been since 2003.

While that is a good story and experience some say that anyone could have "guessed" that because I was already a high profile and successful sales manager in the company. Then Marisa came to me with a concerned look on her face, she asked me about a relative who may drive a blue car, she offered a couple names and my nephew came immediately to mind. She told me that there was going to be an accident, that I needed to get to him quickly and that his life was in danger. She was concerned that there may be alcohol involved. I immediately reached out to him, told him that he needed to be careful, I cautioned him of drinking and driving and told him of what Marisa said. Shortly after that conversation my sister called me, my nephew had been in an accident, hit a phone pole, just as Marisa had said, he had been drinking but was going to be ok. When I saw my nephew he told me that our conversation stayed with him and that he only had one drink and when20the accident occurred it was as if he knew it was coming and was prepared, he had minor injuries. Marisa's vision saved his life and spared my family a tragedy.

One day Marisa and I were having a conversation in my office and she asked me about a relationship between my daughters and an older male relative. I told her that I had concerns about him and that I was watching it very closely. She told me to immediately take more better control of the situation before it was too late. Her tone and urgency caused me to take immediate action. This man was a predator and my daughters were on his radar. I stepped in and my daughters were spared the trauma and life long suffering of abuse. Marisa is responsible for that.

Once, Marisa was a guest on one of the stations when she predicted attacks on our soil. She described in eerie detail the methods to be used, the symbolic gesture of the attacks, the three sites. Marisa described the faction that would be difficult to track down because of its viral nature and they way the attackers and planners can be hidden. Marisa described the long, difficult war and Bush's role in it. We all remembered her words as we watched the towers fall on the TV in the kit chen of our station.

While on another show Marisa predicted the Tsunami that overwhelmed Sri Langa. Marisa correctly predicted floods and other traumatic weather events but the most remarkable was when she said that we would experience unreal weather conditions including tornadoes, we never have tornadoes; we've had a few since which have destroyed businesses and houses and made the national news.

Marisa's gifts are beyond question but the thing that impresses me the most about Marisa is her level of care and concern. Marisa cares about people whether she knows them or not. Marisa is genuine, honest and remarkable. Marisa's visions have positively impacted my life as well as the lives of my friends and my family. I couldn't recommend any one or any service more strongly than I recommend Marisa. She has been a positive and trusted influence in my life.

Chuck Benfer
Market Manager, Cumulus Media, Poughkeepsie, NY

Stefanie Czerniewski, B.S., M.S., M.P.S., C.R.C. - 4/22/2007
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“I have been asked by Ms. Anderson to give my account of a healing she has recently done for me, which is quite remarkable & has the Dr.'s stumped, & I admit a little startling to me as well.

I had a session with Marisa originally back in August, & we have been in touch via phone & e-mail. I had not asked her in advance about any healing abilities she had, but she did explain them to me & I did a little internet research & figured, I'll do anything at this point.

To attempt to be brief, I've had recurrent diarrhea since the end of October. two Dr.'s attributed it to Irritable bowel syndrome. I had blood tests, allergy tests, changed diets, had 2 colonoscopys, upper GI series, about 8 unsuccessful prescriptions, to no avail.

By this point I had lost over 10lbs & was overtly sick looking to others.( I'm usually about 115). i had to cancel a trip to the Bahamas & was ready to try anything, since my both my body & life quality was becoming debilitated. I had gone to the ER due to dehydration. Then changed dr.'s again & had to repeat the whole colonoscopy experience in the beginning of this month. I had been in contact with Marisa & she suggested, to let her help me.(as for myself- I have 2 masters degrees & work in a community mental health setting, as a therapist & have access to quite a bit of medical info-plus I am aware, through personal experience-that there are other "planes" for lack of a better word, & there are people who have abilities to access whatever forces they do).

By this time, I was thinking about going to Lourdes, France.(But couldn't do the flight, due to the alleged IBS).I sent Marisa a picture of myself with my new cat, I wanted to show her & didn't realize this was all she needed. I told her my colonoscopy date & she said she would "send" some energy my way.

After the procedure I asked for the potassium levels- again scared of dehydration & they were "critically low" 2.3. The normal range is 3.2 to about 4.5.Immediately the hospital staff went to work, since low potassium levels can cause heart failure & they moved me up to CCU & started a potassium drip. I don't know how much those IV bags contain, but my Dr. wanted 2 in me, plus they gave me an oral pill & kept shoving me full of orange juice. The drip burned so badly, in my hand, I could not tolerate the pain- they tried to slow it down & diluted it, but it would have taken 6 hours & I couldn't tolerate the burning at the IV site. I had been in the hospital all day & felt OK to leave strangely enough, I even started joking around with the nurses, So I more or less left against medical advice & was told to call my Dr. in the am. When I did so, he requested, before he called in more potassium to the drug store, for me to go to the lab & have my blood tested again.

After they faxed the results to him, his nurse called me & asked, whether or not I had the IV drip the previous evening. I told her no due to the burning,(which I had already explained to the other RN) , because she said, overnight my potassium was up to 3.2,only 2/10ths below normal, it was 2.3 the night before, remember. They insisted I had to have had the drip, this was not possible. By the next day it was up to normal, where it is now, as I write,& I no longer need the meds. ALSO, the colonoscopy tests came back normal, no colitis, no Chron's disease- nothing~!!.ALSO, my 5 month battle with diarrhea suddenly stopped. There is no other explanation for this medically. I told my Dr. about a little psychic" intervention" & he stated" Who knows what's possible?" He was just glad I'm better. I've gained the 10 lbs. back & my husband & I are planning another vacation. There are people who I believe have powers to do the unknown & I swear Marisa was totally behind my recovery. The lab results show that it wasn't "all in my head" as some would say. I have copies!!! I'm sorry to write such an epic, but I wanted to let you know, since I understand if you have headaches, there are other ways of dealing with a problem, unconventional- perhaps-A lot of Dr.'s just wanted to give me pills & told me to relax. The ongoing medical condition produces anxiety, depression- who can relax? I am sincerely indebted to Marisa for this gift & would recommend her highly to others, as I have. I am so happy I found her in the first place, not just for her abilities, she is a sincerely kind & caring person & someone, I am honored to know.

I hope you give it a shot & that it does work for you. please feel free to e-mail me with any other questions you may have & good luck!! ”

A.E., MD

“After sitting with Marisa, my left breast that had been removed from cancer, had no more pain, and she was right, I had no more cancer since.”

Joe Franklin, Radio Host

“She couldn't have known about my personal life, and my sons.”

Ernie Anastos, News Anchor

“She was right about all and my move contract offer to Fox News, even my family didn't know.”

Maryse Vincent

“It's been an honor and a true joy to talk with you this afternoon. Thank you so much for your insight and your advice...Much appreciated! I enjoyed myself a lot.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. I am sure we'll talk again sometime... ”

Laura Rajovic

“You are amazing. I have thought much about your comments and insight. It has consumed a good part of my day. Thank you for all.”

Barbara Morgan, Nutritionist, Cornwall, New York

“In my experience and sessions with Marisa, I have found that her ability to key in on matters that were most important to me, without me saying very much, as she was different than a regular therapist, that she might grasp it immediately, without countless therapy sessions that would scope and probe, which helped me in the present, rather than in long term, to guide me towards their manifestation and or resolution with confidence and security.

She helped me to explore what sometimes I might have known on a subconscious level, but brought them to surface, to help me face them in my present needs. She is gifted, and multifaceted in her approach, having foresight and knowledge beyond other practitioners in her unique field of practice.

Most importantly, she respects each human being as an individual, encouraging them to realize their desires and full potential for growth toward change through their own ability to rewrite, revise and create a pathway that did for me, resolve in a most unique and comfortable way. I am now, very happy, and feel free to do what I want.”

Barbara Dieckmann, Retired NY Area Teacher, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“I would like to share my experiences with Marisa Anderson from several perspectives. I will never forget my first reading. She told me my son would settle down and reach his potential by the time he was about 30 and his girlfriend's name would start with an 'A'. Now, over a dozen years later, he is hopelessly in love with Ali, approaching his 30th birthday, and is on the way to fulfilling many of his goals. She told me my oldest daughter would have a meeting near a "T" and get a job with the same letter. Shortly thereafter, she had an interview near the Tappanzee Bridge with the Thruway Authority and became a toll collector on the Thruway.

Marisa told me that I would meet someone by the name of Ulysses and fall in love. She told me he would be eccentric and his refrigerator would be sparsely filled. I thought she was crazy. I did fall in love with a man named Nick and it wasn't until a while into the relationship that I learned his first name was, you guessed it, Ulysses, to go with his equally Greek last name. We enjoyed almost four years of companionship. The first time he prepared a meal he apologized that he hadn't been grocery shopping and made frozen Friday's wings and something else (hence the empty refrigerator). Eccentric is an excellent word for this man.

Through the years, Marisa and I began a friendship as well as me going to her for advice and guidance. I was always struck with her caring and hope. She didn't always tell me she "saw" what I wanted her to see, but she told me honestly what her visions were. She didn't try to please me or pacify me. Sometimes her thoughts came as words or letters or impressions. It was fascinating and helpful.

When Marisa wanted to look for a house she asked me to help her as I was/am a Realtor. We would go into houses and sometimes she would tell me about an impression of spirits she felt there or bad vibes or the "people" who were not living that she would actually see. I never had so much fun showing houses. It didn't always happen but I was eager to hear her take on the house from a buyer's point of view as well as a psychic. This one day we spent a long time in this one old house north of Newburgh. Marisa told me about the old woman in the rocker near the old hearth in the kitchen. She followed us into another room she explained. When we left we were closing up the house thru the downstairs entrance. There was a covered walkway that led out to the driveway. As I fiddled with the lockbox and turned the outside door slammed. I gave Marisa a questioning look because I wondered why she would slam it? She said simply that she didn't slam the door. The lady from the rocking chair did. Well, since neither of us did it, and we were in a protected spot so wind (had there been any) couldn't have, left only one solution. I was fine with it. She was just protecting her home from strangers, after all.

Marisa always takes her cases to heart and works tirelessly. I have seen on many occasions that her caring and sensitive nature gets worn down from the cases she works on but she doesn't give up or give in to the pain and sometimes despair she feels.”

The Grassia’s

We would like to take this opportunity to share our recent experience and also to express our most sincere gratitude to Marisa for all of her support and accurate advise. In short a family member was arrested and charged with assault. Under intense pressure and stress due to the fact that they had never been arrested before we contacted Marisa. She immediately tuned in to all of the aspects of the case including the personality profile of the plaintiff., she knew that the charges were false. I cannot even begin to tell you the toll that stress, and sleepless nights were having on us. The case went on for months and each month Marisa’s predictions gave us the navigational edge to counter act and face this ordeal. It honestly would have been too much to bear without her insight and support. Needless to say the out come was just as Marissa said it would be even down to the way that the plaintiff would behave on the stand. The result was no criminal charges were charged and we were able to face the trial with courage and hope. Marisa is truly gifted and caring. We are forever grateful for all her help.


“I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of our session today. You were on the mark with close to every single detail, I was amazed and at the same time, left with some relief and some idea of the direction I want to go now in my life. I'm going to share your insights with my daughters tonight too, I'm sure it will help both of them with some decisions as well. I'm still trying to let it all sink in! I feel bad for my other half, or rather ex-other half, but you nailed his problems and personality right on the head, I know the only one who can help him is himself and no one else. I feel for him, I really do.

I know I will pull through this, I am looking forward to my girls' accomplishments and raising my head to the future so I can see the possibilities…thanks again!”

A. Demis, Katonah, NY

“Marisa came to visit me at my house. She sat and talked with my daughter Samantha for a while. When Samantha left the room, Marisa asked if my small children, all four, are going to be on a boat. I told her we had been on a boat this past Sunday. She said that was not it.

I asked her what was wrong? She said she got information off of Samantha after touching her hair to soothe her, and it involved a boat accident. Marisa could see Samantha in a boat, hysterically crying and spent extra time with her to try to understand what she was sensing off of her.

The kids had plans with their Dad in a few weeks to be at Martha's Vineyard.

They were going to be on the Ferry to cross over to the Vineyard. It seemed she was getting part of the name "Edgartown" perhaps it was the dock they would leave from. She said she kept getting a smaller boat, not a Ferry boat - maybe the life boat on the ship? She knew the boys would fall into the open water in the open sea and only one would come out. And people that knew their Father seemed to be around him. I made frantic arrangements to include the nanny on the trip. Marisa indicated that she could see the nanny on the boat in a hot pink shirt. She later asked the nanny if she owned a hot pink shirt with collar, and no sleeves. Marisa said this would indicate that an alternate road was another probability, and this could be changed. And that things should be okay.

But she still felt unsettled after we changed the arrangements. I phoned my ex-husband to warn him about what Marisa had seen. When we discussed a smaller boat, he mentioned that they were planning to go out on a friend's charter boat to go deep water fishing, and it would leave from Edgartown. He indicated that would explain the smaller boat Marisa saw, and the people around him where friends that were also coming along. I told him that under no circumstances could there be boating involved in the vacation.

Marisa's intervention is the greatest gift I have ever received.”

Dr. R. S., F.A.C.S, White Plains, NY

"What I saw happen in surgery was impossible. She later told me it was all do to her mental suggestions, what she asked her body to do that morning in self-hypnosis. I saw it happening, I was concerned and kept her closely monitored, but kept going. For over 30 years patients where shown her post surgery pictures. She simply told her body there would be no swelling nor bruising in the area and it’s what happened. My colleagues discouraged this belief, so I never spoke of it again."