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Marisa Anderson

“Marisa's visions have positively impacted my life as well as the lives of my friends and my family.”
- Chuck Benfer

“Marisa Anderson is
one of the most authentic,
naturally gifted psychics
I have worked with.”
- Professor Hans Holzer, PhD.

“On radio, I identify the
same way as I do in private,
receiving impressions and
information I interact
immediately with callers
when I'm given the problem,
the name of a person or pet,
and the situation could be a
crime, crisis or concern.
Sometimes I even get the
macabre, like ghost or
anomolous phenomena...
that's the stuff I love And
grew up with as a child.
Animals were my first "test
victims" and the movie Sixth
Sense was my childhood.”

- Marisa Anderson

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Prediction of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
A year before the Tsunami hit, Marisa appeared on a WPDH radio show in Poughkeepsie, NY, and gave the exact location and time of the world's worst natural disaster on record.

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2005 Predictions
At the beginning of every new year, Marisa gives her predictions on a WPDH radio show. In 2005 she predicted a number of world events.

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"A Better World", Mitchel Rabin, Cablevision, NYC.

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Dr. Hans Holzer, paranormal investigator and prolific author:

“Marisa Anderson is more accurate on telephone readings than in person.
She has foreseen airplane crashes and was able to warn clients not to take
a certain flight, which saved their lives. She pinpointed the exact day that I would receive an offer regarding a film project, and she was right on target.

A client who was looking to buy a used car was told not to worry, someone she already knew would soon offer her a car, which the psychic [Marisa Anderson] described in detail. Two weeks later she was offered just such a car by the mother of a friend.”

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Televised Readings

Psychometric (Object) Reading

Telekinesis - Marisa Anderson, YouTube Video