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Marisa Anderson

“Marisa's visions have positively impacted my life as well as the lives of my friends and my family.”
- Chuck Benfer

“Marisa Anderson is
one of the most authentic,
naturally gifted psychics
I have worked with.”
- Professor Hans Holzer, PhD.

“On radio, I identify the
same way as I do in private,
receiving impressions and
information I interact
immediately with callers
when I'm given the problem,
the name of a person or pet,
and the situation could be a
crime, crisis or concern.
Sometimes I even get the
macabre, like ghost or
anomolous phenomena...
that's the stuff I love And
grew up with as a child.
Animals were my first "test
victims" and the movie Sixth
Sense was my childhood.”

- Marisa Anderson

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Marisa Anderson and Alice Cooper hanging out after a show

Marisa Anderson Studio B&W Head Shot for "At First Sight", Starring Val Kilmer

Marisa Anderson holding her gift copy of Hans Holzer's new hard cover book at the time titled "Ghosts"

Marisa Anderson, with Group Picture for Oldies 97 Show members

Hosts of Radio Show "Oldies 97" with yours truly Marisa Anderson.

Play Book for Documentary Film "Houdini", Movie Premier held at the Players Club, N.Y.C., Houdini Seance Event Oct 30th 1996

Houdini Seance Players Club list of Events and Attendees Oct. 30, 1996

Playbook for Houdini Seance Event with "Inner circle" Society Members, Chairman Sidney Radner, Pulizer Prize winner Ken Silverman, and Featured Seance Psychic Medium Marisa Anderson, with Author and Dr. Hans Holzer, and many others, at Houdini Seance held at Players Club NYC Oct. 30th, 1996